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The number 1 show ever made period.

Why CSI: Cyber is the best

CSI cyber is the best show ever made. What really makes CSI: Cyber the best is their inclusive environment,the drama and the great attention to detail that the show has. First off the team is a completely inclusive environment. It doesn’t matter if you are fat, black or asian, Pam from HR is willing to accept you. They are so accepting that the team is even ok with you if you wear a vest. Secondly every episode is filled with drama, sometimes they deal with national emergencies like wifi outages on planes or kidnapping of infants. Every episode leaves you hanging, you never know whether or not they will be able to catch the perpetrator. Finally the writing team is clearly committed to detail. Never would they put in an incorrect fact or show things that weren’t possible. In the end CSI: Cyber is clearly the greatest show ever made and deserved many more seasons.