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A 15 Cyber Rifle

Used once during the first season of the series, the cyber rifle is a powerful bluetooth based hacking device. Simply point the Cyber Rifle at a target laptop, desktop, phone, car, pacemaker, Alexa, Printer, Human Head, 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe, Wireless speaker, Bluetooth headset, non-bic brand lighters, children, most Rodents, Samsung TV’s, standing desks, ISS, Satellites, predator drones, Kindles, IR mice, RFID cards and micro SD cards. Though many Black Hats are know to use the device it was originally invented by Ted. Ted created the device to access Pam’s laptop and then gave it Black Hat so that he would be able to have access to the information without giving himself away. Ted now gives away copies of the device to the highest bidder and randomly shut down Hyundai Santa Fe’s.